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Welcome to the Oscha website! We are a video production company with plenty of original ideas - Monkey Tennis, Inner City Sumo, Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave and Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank to name a few. Whatever rings your bell, take a look at what we've really been up to.

Animals and how people interact with them is something that we like to record. Our first broadcast piece was Marine Team 1 x 60 shown by the Discovery Network in their ‘Best of Britian’ strand.

Living in Cornwall we have a natural affinity with the coastal environment, but feel equally at home working in the jungles of Indonesia and India. Past clients include the BBC, ITN and Carlton. We have been lucky enough to work with the likes of Jenny Agutter, Bill Bailey and even the vet from This Morning – Scott Miller.

We would very much like the BBC to commission us to make a landmark series, so if you have any sway with them see what you can do for us. Meanwhile, have a look at the photo gallery and see what fun we have.


The natural environment, and our relationship with it, turns us on and makes good documentary - at least we think so. One of our strap lines is: ‘to encourage a wider engagement with the natural environment - good for the individual and good for the planet.'

We try not to be so worthy that we become dull, but we see no harm in setting out with good intentions. Our latest project is a big one for us ‘The Heart of a Garden’. It’s a fresh look at gardens across the seasons, telling stories about people, plants and places.

This time we have gone the whole hog and are producing a book and a touring photographic exhibition to compliment the film. Gardens are sexy and you shouldn’t let the blue rinse brigade have all the fun!

Check out the pictures


We have cameras and all the other stuff needed to make video productions about almost anything: promotional, EPK’s, educational, health and safety, fund raising - we have done most things that pay and could do with more of this work.

End users include amongst others, the MOD, Employment Services, VH1, Sony, The Fire Brigade and British International Helicopters. We like to be creative and feel that being thorough is part of this process. If you have something that you want to communicate we won’t let ‘art’ dilute the message.

Design, graphics, photography, DVD duplication and, believe it or not, writing are all part of what we do. We like to combine these disciplines - ‘multimedia’ - but we will happily consider helping out with whatever we can.

Go here to see a selection of what we've been up to.

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